nice ride to airport Jonah and Erika took us No crowds, nd were the first ones on the plane that didn't need help or pay extra long plane ride. The guy across the ailse from me must not have paid for his seat he spent most of the flight standing up. Next to me. Right next to me. Not what I would have preferred if I was allowed to vote. very long plane ride. The movies did not work and my laptop did not open fully when the seat in front was reclined. Whne the seat was reclined I could not see the screen anyway due to the angle. Very long plane ride. the food was good. ecpescially the bread. 2 hours through the Zurich airport was just enough time rode a bus out to the plane that would take us to Nuremberg nice German man helped us buy the underground tickets nice German lady started talking to us in the underground station as she had never seen a 13inch think pad before When we got out at the main train station we had no idea where to go So we just started walking Diane saw a tourist info sign and instead of going up the stairs to the sign we walked over to the ramp the hotel we area staying a was at the top of the ramp It works for us Went for a walk tonight through the city lots of street cafes and tourist trap shops that Diane wants to stop at when they are open Also saw Pizza hut, Burger King and 2 MacDonlads. Likely willl not stop at those places. Walked by a pizza shop, smelled really good but we were concerned our old feeble stomachs needed a days rest after the long plane ride. Very long plane ride. Also lots of street vendors selling jewelry and fruit Alot of Germans are smokers Seems a nice pretty old town. We will walk around and wake up for the next 2 days.

the chauffers
good thing we were there 2 hours early
the hotel
one old church in the town