Woke up early
Waited for breakfast at 6
Breakfast is not until 7
Very good breakfast buffet - Egs bacon, sausage, ham, french toast, breads, rolls, pastries, jellys, juices, lots of yogurts, mueseli, dry cereals, cold meats, egg salad, tomato mozzerallo, it was good, looking forward to tomorrow morning already
went out for quick walk inthe morning in case it was going to rain in the afternoon
the walk started off along the river
We ended up walking through a park and around a lake. 7 miles later.
forgot the water and hiking sticks
nice warmup for the alps
the tower by the hotel
old church by the hotel
when we returned the nice desk lady showed us where to make tea in the hotel. They have sugar crystals. Better than candy
nice tea and mien Frau
took the elevator up to the room. avoided the 3 flighs of stairs. feet were a little sore
finished the tea and promptly fell asleep
woke up at three and walked through the town in the daylight took some pictures
allot of people
old church with a few people
very slight rain drops while sun was shining
snacked on strawberry crepes, sausage sandwiches, gelato chocolate and lemon basil, passed on the pizza - to full, box of cherries from Canada - Diane said it was good for reducing swelling in knees
shared a bench with 2 really old people, older than us, the old man and I tried talking to each other, he did not konw a word of English but thought that by speaking slowly I would get it. I though that since mien Frau had been studying the Rosetta Stone DVD's we could communicate. Mein Frau was to busy eating ice cream to help. So I tried talking slowly in English to him. Did not work well. We parted friends. He might have been inviting us over for supper, we will never know.
learned a lesson bakery with carrot cake and chocolate cake was closed when we went back. does not open again until 8 AM Monday morning. Don't put off stuffing your face when you have the chance
saw some people dressed as statues. the costime was good but the acting was weak
people as statues
back to the room to rest up the old bones