Woke up early
Breakfast started at 7
We made it down before 8
Had hot chocolate -tasted like they made it with wasser
Ate allot today. It was very good again. I really like the egg salad and the dried cereal with various yogurts mixed in. The peach is the best
Did not want to overdo the warmup walks before we arrive in the Alps.
old church by the hotel without people
Walked down to the river and turned left to avoid the 7 mile lake loop
Took pictures of some really nice reflections in the river.
Diane has a good eye for pictures
river bridge
river building
another river bridge
We stumbled upon a 6 mile lake walk going to the next town. Lots of bicycles, roller bladers and runnners
a walking tunnel on the long walk
Those Germans really like to excerise. Does not match up with the number of people smoking. we are constantly walking through clouds of smoke whenever it gets crowded in th ecity
Saw an interesting water wheel that pickup up water from the river to feed a fake stream through the park.
water wheel
Saw several people playing ping-pong outdoors. The city had stone tables with metal nets. The people brought htier own paddles. Must be quite challend to acocunt for the wind
Finally turned around and came back when we reached the next town.
Returned through a cemetary. If the feet weren't complaining about the mileage we were asking them to do before the mountain hiking the cemetary walk would hae been interesteing. Very large trees, thousands of graves, most graves had multiple live flowers, the grass was well kept short weeds not mowed. It looked so natural - just what most people say about corpses in the coffin at the viewing
. Finally made it back to the room. 6 miles. Collapsed and fell asleep for an hour
Feet got life back in them enough to drag ourselves outside again
We did not come all this distance to sit inside a rooom with weather this nice, in spite of what the feet would prefer to do.
We had to stop and buy pistachio and cherry gelato to reenergize. And a slice of tomato mozzerella pizza. gelato good. pizza, well, lesson learned
Decided to get lost today in the train station instead of tommorow moring when under pressure to get a German vending machine to give me the correct ticket. We went to 4 machines and pushed the English Flag button and did not see one English word on any of the screens. Perhaps it is payback. I read that Nuremberg was destroyed by 554 English bombers 6 months after DDay. That was payback for the London blitz. I also saw several trees that are the same kind as the one that was in my back yard growing up. They look to be about 50 years old. I wonder if the Germons know the Enlish name of the tree is London Plane Sycamore. Kind of warped British humor.
Guessed at the ticket, bought something and then found our way out of the train station
Sun was still up. No sense wasting daylight. Decided to walk around the city wall. It is allot farther walking the perimeter of a city than wandering around inside. In one place, some old guys took pity on us and tried to tell us in German that we were walking into a dead end. When they found we didn't understand what they were saying it took some hand waving and slow talking to get the idea across. We saw about 10 old guys playing bocce ball. They threw from one end over rough ground with spots of grass growing and after 30 feet the ground slanted to the right and the last 10 feet was fairly smooth. We finally reached the same bridges we left the city on for the 6 mile hike earlier in the day.
city skyline the bicycle sign does not help
outer wall battlement the umbrellas do nat help
another round tower on the wall the homeless guy in the archway does not help
Quickly head to the gelato shop for a chocalate and raspberry
tried to eat it near the pan pipe player but just when we arrived he put away his pan pipe
We went inside the hotel, finished the gelato, made tea, had a juice mixture, went to the room and listed to the feet. Sat down and rested after 11.7 miles.
tomorrow we sit on the train for 4 hours
Diane is looking for ward to me dashing down to the bakery before we leave so I can buy her a peice of carrot cake and chocalate cake so she does not get hungry on the train ride. The bakery is about 1/2 mile away so it is not really a dash from my perspective.