Woke up early
Diane is so excited about going to the bakery and buying some carrot cake to eat on the train to Munich that she got out of bed early!!!! before 10..
Down for breakfast at 6
Breakfast started at 6:30
once again breakfast was great, scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, had 2 kind of fresh bread toasted with currant jelly and orange marmelade. juices, teas, hot chocolate, to large a bowl of various granola cereals with peach yogurt. Diane had her rolls, ham, and tomato mozzerlla salad. Only dissapointment was the egg salad was not made this morning. Ate way to much. Again.
Went out to get money, final pictures, and carrot cake.
The sun is shining and the weather is a bit cool. Nice for walking.
Sad sad time
The bakery was open but did not make carrot cake today. In fact had little available to buy until 9. We could not wait so took pictures so we could find the bakery next time we visit.
Trudged slowly back up the hill to the hotel in the depths of despair. Lesson learned. Impulse buying is not such a bad idea. Saturday at 3 when we found the bakery it was busy so we decided to come back later. Should have read the sign that it closed at 5 on Samstag which is Saturday. When we arrived at the hotel we realized we took no pictures of the bright morning sun reflecting off of the river.
Packed up and left the hotel. The towel warmers make great drying racks. Next trip can bring half as many clothes if each hotel has these racks.
the entrance to the train station is 20 yards from the door of the hotel. We bought the ticket yesterday so we went straight to the train. It arrived as we walked up the stairs. Once again I was priveledged to carry both heavy bags up the stairs. I will be glad once we start eating the 20 pounds of food Diane brought along. You never know when Europe may run completely out of food. There were crowds around each train door waiting for people to get off so they could enter.Went to the far train door grabbed 2 seats and hoped the train was going in the right direction. It was. Ignored the little old ladies hobbling down the aisle sadly searching for seats. These Germans come from healthy stock.
Stopped in Munich for a few hours
Saw the Marienplatz Big building downtown old Munich center. Lots of people. Just in time to watch the glockenspiel. A large music box on the side of the building with moving statues and 2 knights that joust.
headed for the farmers market talked with one of the guys selling fruit and bought some small yellow green plums and some local fruit swetchen
Headed back to the main train station and got on the train towards Oberammergau
Thought we missed the last train stop. We were not paying attention and heard Murmau which is where we get off. When the train stopped we opened the door and there was not much there. Just a sidewalk no train station. Made a snap decision and stayed on the train. Had a few panic moments, heard the next stop announced and saw on the map on the train wall that we had 2 more stops before Oberammergau.
Since we were standing at the door we would be one of the first off. We were standing by the door on the wrong sde of the train so had to wait a bit. Once we got off we went right and every on else went left. We were looking for track 4. There were only 3 tracks. Did not mention this to Diane immediately. No cause to create panic in both of us. There was only one stairway open and so we had to wait for every one else to go down and so we were the last down the stairs. No problem since I had no idea where track 4 was. Lacking any better idea we followed the herd. Came up another stairway, was able to move forward in the pack since little old ladies have trouble carrying luggage up stairs.
At the top of the stairs there was a train attendant directing people to a side track. This was track 4, the train to Oberammergau. most people were going there. The train was much smaller that the one we got off of that was packed. Well at least we would beat the little old ladies to the seats. We finally got on the train and there were no free seats. I left Diane by the bags to go find a seat. One young lady had 4 seats and had no intention of sharing. She must have return my kindness to little old ladies. By the time I returned some nice people from Baltimore had moved so Diane could have a seat. I sat down also and introduced myself as her husband.
The train to Oberammergau stopped very often. We had a nice time talking with the Baltimore people.
At Oberammergau we got off and joined the crowd around the city map trying to find the hotels. The coupld from Balitimore had to find a ride to Ettal and their information said the shuttle only ran the next day. They were in a bit of a panic.
We started walking in the general direction the map indicated, hoping for the best. Roller suitcases make allot of noise on cobblestones.
Found the hotel. Checked in. Went out to the souvineer shops.Houses have pictures on walls one and two and three
Ate supper by ourselves at 6. Nice and quiet. Apple strudel was very tasty. Hotel is run like a production line. Assigned seating. 5 choices of entree. They bring out a prepared plate. 1 waitress and 1 waiter for 60-70 people at the peak.