Woke up late
big breakfast
Checked out the souvineer shops we missed last night.
met some nice people for lunch. He is an accident claims lawyer. Very succesfull. We talked until 1:40. The play started at 2:00.
left lunch and raced to some souvineer shops to buy more.
1st half of play was good. 2.5 hours in one chair with little legroom was a bit tight
view from our seats
view across our row
view behind our seats
About 5000 seats in the theatre. Average seat price was 100E. Every show was sold out this summer. About 100 shows. Thats's about 50 million Euos revenue this summer. The firemen had very nice uniforms.
The actors are all local town people. There were about 300 people on stage for some of the crowd scenes.Camels donkeys and sheep were included. When Jesus chased the money changers and their stock out of the temple you could tell some of the animals were very starteled. The animals were not trained to a litter box. It remained there until intermission. During the remaining scenes the actors just acted as if it wasn't there.
fancy inside of church
old man played the pipe organ and youg girl played violinThey were practising but it still sounded nice
At intermission raced to buy more souvineers then went for supper
Talked until 7:40 with the same lawyer and his wife and just made it in time for the play
glad we stayed in town and do not need to wait for shuttle to go to hotel after play
Hope we find the bus tomorrow morning