Woke up on time to eat quick breakfast and catch the 7:35 bus to Garmish
bus was cheap
bus driver showed us the zugspitze train was through the train depot and under the tracks
nice ladies on the zugspitzebahn
Diane fell asleep and had to shake her to wake her
got out before the end of the line to catch the gondola instead of train through tunnel
thermometer said it was 3C on the top of the mountain before the 26kph wind chill a chilly view
overcast but high clouds and low clouds allowed dark view of the mountain tops pretty cold lady
nice warm eating area and really good cake for lunch on top of the mountain
Nice restaurant on top of the mountain
nice German man from Hanover talked to us for long while on top of the zugspitze
Came down early as was overcast
hiking path instead of gondola
Took train to Mittenwald
Mittewald train station under repair
no lockers so did not go to town as did not want to drag roller suitacses along
alternate train ticket place was closed from 12-2
later found out sign said closed until 3
later found out closed at noon on Wednesdays
figured out how to use train ticket machine - go to pay and find machine only takes cards no cash
wait for bus
starts to rain
large crowd of people show up just before bus arrives
bus has no place for suit cases and no empty seats, shove under seats, hit ladies feet in row behind, hit old mans feet
next bus stop more peple get on, no seats so standing in aisle, move suitcase so not sticking outin aisle, hit more people, very nice Germans take it with a smile
Get off bus in Seefeld, top and read instructions, write them down sloppily on paper, start walking, take shortcut
after 1/4 mile start asking for help
nice swis lady on vacation does not know where the hotel is, nice Austrian man takes us into a hotel gets a map and finds we are on the wrong side of town. gives us map and wishes us good luck
nice lady from Switzerand comes back with map and tells us we are on the qrong side of the town. she assume we wold be wandering the streets until she found us.
The hotel is a long way away. Diane is really thinking about bring ing less next time
We stop ad look at map multiple times. finally take tunnel under busy road. See home made sign that says our hotel is 3 minutes away. We are not the first to tak this route
Arrive at hotel and no one is there. No one. Wait. a man walks through loks at us and keeps walking. Owners finally arrive and cannot find our reservations. Freddy shows up and welcomes us and tried to get us to buy a package for a trip tomorrow. Reminds me of MM Jr.
o to room and it is nice. Weak internet signal from somewhere
Down to supper and meet very nice couple form England. Talk until 9:30
Learned a new trick. Put the napkin in a special cloth holder when doen with meal
Starts to rain very hard outside
Go to bed