Woke up just in time to get to breakfast 15 minute late 8:15
Decide to take tour package. Will get to know Freidrich a bit better.
Go for a walk in the morning to see the Seekirche. Church that used to be surrounded by a lake
Take a short loop past the church. The stream next to the church has fish in it. It is 6 to 12 inches deep 3 feet wide. It has at least a dozen 3-8 inch fish in a 10 foot section
Cows waiting for a lift
trail through the trees
Have a snack under the town square tree
Meet in front of the train station for tour. Turns out the nice English couple are also decided to go on the tour. Fredrich is a few minutes late. We squeeze into his Audi. He drives us 30 minutes to the ski jump center in Garmish. We park and walk though the gorge. one small part of gorge Nice walk. wet. We walk through and up to a building with a window that sells apple struedel thorugh the window. The old lady that takes the order is probably the same one that made the struedel. She seemd to be the only person in the building. We eat it outside then go on so Diane can stand on the bridge that spans the gorge. This is the bridge She does and we take pictures. We continue on and there is a sign that says Not for those not practiced. We decide we had not yet practiced the walk so did not risk it. I think the better transaltion may have been experienced. We retraced our steps and went back through the gorge.
As we passed the gorge again we met a tour group. Since the gorge path is only wide enough for one, we had to wait for the entire group to pass us a a wide spot. There were at least 30 people in the group.
We were 10 minutes late and Frederick was waiting. Diane left the pedometer in the restroom.
Went to Mittenwald. Had 2 scoops of ice cream each. It was good. My cherry was the best
Back to hotel in the Audi
Had supper with the English couple. Dessert was excellent. It was a cake with 2 sponge cake layers, a peach filling, a cream filling, and a peach flavored topping
The owners had a special dessert for one of the couples staying at the hotel. They turned the lights off, turned up the music, and brought out a large ice cream sundae with a large sparkler in it and announced it was their anniversary. The other ouple at the table took out a camera and had trouble setting up the camera. So much that the sparkler died just before they snapped the picture.
Stayed at the table talking until 10pm. We never talk that long
Went to bed