Got to breakfast just when it started so we could get to the lift when it opened
Had 2 cups of the great hot chocoalte Freidrich makes
Lots of clouds. Decided to walk the vally to Mosern and see the bell. Will do the lifts tomorrow when it supposed to be clear
Left and saw more and more blue sky as we walked. To late to change uor minds
Nice walk through fields and woods towards the lake. About 6 to 7 miles round trip. Diane wants to go 10.
Walked past an Austrian garage sale. 2 shelves of stuff for sale for 1 Euro each. It was in the middle of nowhere and there was a box to deposit the Euro. No people. They had a Ben Hur book. Almost bought it but we have no room in the suitcases
Walked around the lake. The lake was 50 yards wide in both directions. It had some really big fish. I think they were carp and were used to being fed by the walkers. There were a dozen about 18-24 inches long that swam near one point along the path eating food Diane threw in. The ducks were faster and got most of the food. The ducks were 1/3 the size of the fish.
We walked down ot the town to see the famous bell. Got lost and endup in a church yard. Saw a fence held together with dried braided grape vines. Have to try it back in Ca
After we left the bell we met Brian and Hilda. They walked also and were on their way to see the bell.
Just after we left them it started to rain
Luckily we ran under a overhang at a restaurant. Almost went in for hot chocalate but have such bad luck with hot chocatlate that we stayed outside waiting since we could see blue sky coming our way
Once it stopped we continued and took a path on the other side of the road back to Seefeld.
It was a road less traveled
There was a field of goats of various breeds. long curly horn, long hair, and regular. One got outside the fenced area, one stuck his head through for a picture, one wouldn't pose for Diane
Later on there were a pair of cows in the middle of the path. one posed for a picture within 6 inches of the camera. Clearly they are used to hikers
After this it started to rain again. No buildings to wait it out under in the middle of the forest so we put on the coats, pulled up the hoods, and kept walking
It really started to come down so when we got bac to Seefeld we waitd inside a tunnel for the rain to stop.
It was early afternoon and time for more adventures but we decided to go back and rest up for tomorrows long day and tonights great supper