Got to breakfast early. Missed saying good bye to Brian and Hilda
Walked to Rosshutte lift. Just down the road. Got on the 9:00 funicular. the view out the back.
The lift to the top holds max 12 people. It is tight. The passengers cannot be obese
The day is great for viewing. A few clouds, long distance of clear sight
We are walking to the first peak the view back the white biulding is the lift station
It is a bit cold so Diane needs her hood on the peak is the point with the cross near the cloud
Walking the ridge to the first peak
stay away from the edge
close to the edge is a better view
one step at a time
looking good !
the beauty and her snowman
looking back
almost there
made it
Next year we can go to the next peak like these walkers and these at the peak
We hear there are cables and a ladder involved in that walk
a confident walker
Went back down to mid lift
Rode another lift over the gorge to far side. Not much there. Came right back
Had lentil soup and layered cake at the restaurant at the mid lift. Good. Chefs with hats in the restaurant
Decided to walk down instead of taking the funicular since it was a 20 minute wait.
nice pretty lake
steep walk down. Took shortcuts down steeper section. Took an hour and a half
Very tired by time got back to hotel
Went to craft fair
It was okay
Supper was quite without Brian and Hilda