left the hotel early. Nice owners gave us a sack lunch since we missed breakfast. Since no one was up we let ourselves out and locked the door behind us, and left the key in the flower pot.
Beautiful day not a cloud in the sky
The ticket machine in Seefeld only took 10 Euro bills and less. This made up my mind if I should buy the ticket to Switzerland or the one to Innsbruck. Bought the train ticket to Innsbruck since I had enough small chnage to cover it. At Innsbruck the main train station was open and got the Swiss pass setup
Long train ride to Zurich. time for lunch view out of the train window
Had nice seats in second class, nearly had the entire passenger car to ourselves. When we entered Switzerland we decided to move to first class. As we walked back through the train the sections kept getting more full. I kept bumping people with the suitcases as we walked done the aisle. I do not think they appreciated our passing. Once we arrived at the first class coach we were a bit dissapointed. There were one or two tour groups that completely filled the back 2 first class cars. No seats. One and a half more hours to Zurich. We started to make our way back through the second class cars. Luckilly there were 2 open seats in the dining car. We took them and enjoyed our ride to Zurich
We had to make up time so the train was travelling 100mph at one point
Zurich train transfer was very easy. The next transfer was also easy
Met nice lady on the train to Fluelen
She told us how to pronounce the name correctly, told us a little about the country side we were going through and some sites to see. She also told us how to get to the boat when we got off the train
Made it to the boat on time
Long boat ride town and church on the lakeshore
Very Long boat ride mountains and another church on the lakeshore
I had no idea so many people got on the boat during the ride. Only had 10 minutes to catch our connecting train in Luzern and waited on the boar for 5 minutes to get off. Had no idea where the train station was, Diane saw it and we headed for it. I think we saw the train pulling out as we arrived at the gate
Next train is in an hour. Time to look for food. Since we had time we looked at every possibility. Ended up with sausage on a roll. it was actually good
Got on the train an hour later and another tour group joined us in the rail car
By the time we got to interlaken it was pouring rain. not great weather for hiking
Now thats a snow blower
By the time we got to Murren at 8pm the rain had stopped enough to walk to Denises without getting soaked.
Went to bed