Got up and needed to get to the internet. Went to Hotel Alpina where you buy $4 cup of hot chocolate and get to use thier internet.
cute programmer nice view
Decided to do the only easy walk. we walked down along the train tracks
Trail was crowded at the end Is he friendly?
Saw one
mountain peaking thorugh the clouds
We heard the weather was supposed to clear so headed on the mountain view trail. It was the cloud view trail that day
Very steep first section to above the tree line, through the streams
This is a flower not a spider
Stopped several places for snacks we packed
It was cold, saw no snow but would not have been surprised
Two guards and their bell
then steep downhill back to Denises
Saw a mushroom and a cluster of mushrooms
Kristin and Dan arrived. Mom is a happy camper now
Had wild game for supper. Pheasant, goat, deer, chamois. It was good