Day started clear. we were inside talking and eating breakfast
At breakfast at Denises, Diane met a lady staying here that grew up on the same street in Winooski that she did. They lived a few houses away from each other and about 15 years difference. Both had a few realties that also lived on the same street. They had many common friends. Amazing.
went up to Schilthorne for the view and the day got cloudy
Dan and Kristin Saw the peak the Fauhorn is on. It is the left most peak on the far ridge covered in snow. We are walking the ridge from the far left to the first snow covered peak. Diane is suggesting we cancel staying there. She is concerned the 4 hour walk required to get to the hotel may have become a worse idea than it already is.
Dan and Kristin at the top of the Shilthorn
Lunch in the revolving restaurant. The Lady manager became extremely angry at some touristst that sat in the reserved section. Extremely Angry.This time it was not us.
Came back down and went for walk down through Gimmelwald, past the waterfalls and more water falls and through the valley. Abot 5 hours total.
Yes those are people on that bridge. And no we did not go on it.
The day has cleared up and is very nice
Looks like the faulhorn peak has no more snowIt is the far peak in the center of the picture
Had strawberry pie and Mom bought presents at the gift trailer
Back to Denises and we were tired. Some had blisters. Should not have gone a such along walk the day before the super long walk to the Faulhorn
Went to supper. one of us had horse meat. It was suprisingly good. 2 of us had rosti. It was suprisingly greasy.
Amazing sunset off the snow covered mountains
Another friendly guy staying here walked the Faulhorn path. Said the switchbacks up to the hotel look challenging but the rest of the path was not bad, just long and snow covered in portions.