It rained all night. Very hard at times. We are very glad we are inside. Will be gladder when we are in the breakfast room with the heater. Did I mention the only heat was from the candles in the hallway? Except of course the hot water bottles. Diane and I each had 2. 1 for the feet and one to hug.They lasted an amazing long time. I guess the room temperature made them seem to last longer. Or the fact that we each had a down comfrter, and 2 woolen blankets. We would have taken more but that is all there was in the hall closet.
The sky is clearing so we got some great views of the mountain tops.
first view notice the rocks to keep the chjimney from blowing away
Two people admiring the sunrise or wishing for a taxi
Sunrise over the clothesline. The clothesline is for when the electric clother dryer is not working (always)

This is where the drinking and cooking water comes from. This is the smallest of 3. The fullness of the barrel indicates there are not many cloudness days on the mountaintop
The top two windows are our rooms and 2 more rain barrels
A rainbow If you live in the valley you need a big rainbow, Up here this high a little one is enough.
I wasn't kidding about the wind Those stones weighting the roof down are not for curb appeal to help resale value. It is still very cold and windy. According to the thermometer it is -4C. The wind is still whipping. I do not want to imagine the wind chill. Not what we dressed for.
Above the clouds
The clouds are clearing
Leaving door number 3
Breakfast was light but filling. We were packed and down to the warm restaurant with the heater by 7:45. We ate very slowly to allow the heater to warm us up and give the sun a chance to do its job on the outside temperature. We said our goodbyes and were the first of the three groups to leave.
The path this morning is much much easier than yesterdays challenge. First it is downhill, second it is 3 feet wide, third it is fine gravel instead large rocks and stones, finally we have all day to go 3 or 4 miles instead of racing uphill before sunset strands us on the mountain top. Cold and on the way down to a hotel with heat and running water
Pretty cold but happy to be going
Cows on the path
Cows off the path
Last view of the hotel
great mountain views
A few warming huts on the way down. They would seem more useful along the desolate path on the other side of the hotel.
The green grass the fence and the barren cold mountain. you make the analogy
Back to civilization
Tiny Grindelwald, at the base of the great mountain
Valley clouds are still below the mountain tops