It rained again all night. Again very hard at times. Again we are very glad we are inside. Running water and electricity are also appreciated.
We leave urrent oday and head for Lugano. Going from Germans speaking Alps area to the Italian speaking lake region.
Next years dinner at the restaurant that serves wild game. We were told it is illegal to hunt these chamois near the town and lifts and train tracks. The animals have somehow figured this out and spend hunting season in the protected areas.
The rain stopped while we walked to the train stations from Denises. Good day to be traveling by train.
The train trip to Lugano was rainy and cloudy. We slept most of the way. Make up time for last night on the mountain top.
We arrived in Lugano and found the hotel after a small bit of confusion. No panic though. The hotel was around the corner and up the hill a bit. The door was barred and locked and when I said Kauffmann over the speaker they did not recognoize it as it is pronounced differently in Switerland
We were told to caryr our bags up to the first floor. Europeans call the second floor the first floor and the first floor is called the ground floor. A flight of stairs later and we were let in.
Unpacked and went downhill for boat ride. Da and Kristin forgot thier Swiss pass in the room so we left them. They are by the yellow building. A beauty on the boat.
The Lugano boats are not as impressive so far and the Geneva boats. The seats are some what broken so you need to be careful and not lean back to far
A castle Can you believe it? It has started to rain so we go inside the boat. The window are fogged up from the hunidy and breathing.
Dan and Kristin hid in a parking garage during the rain. We met back at the dock and went back to the hotel, hoping for better weather tomorrow