I do not think it raind last night.
The hotel was artistic. The breakfast room had art on the wall and the light was art. Or an electrical installation job half done
There wa outside seating but it was to wet. They even had a grape arbor and a tiny little pool behind the hotel
Went for a walk in the neighborhood uphill. Saw a skinny streetand a view of the lake
All of us went for a walk along the lake shore headed for Gandria. Lugano was downhill and on the way. Salami If it is real I would recommend shopping elsewhere because it was hanging there the entire time we were in Lugano.
Lots of overhangin protection for shopping. We should have relaized there was a reason for the overhanging protection.
Walk along the shore
Halfway through our walk we were caught in a downpour. Sat it out for an hour under this convieninet underpass along the walk. After an hour of waiting for the rain to diminish started out walking in the rain. Came to a restaurant with covered outdoor seating which was also a boat dock. Got a little wet .
The stairs became a waterfall .
Rode the boat back in the rain.
I am glad the Swiss put nice restaurants out in the middle of nowhere. Nice to eat at during a walk and nice to hide in during a rain.
Since it was raining took a boat ride in the rain to Morcote. Pretty villageWe will have to come back to visit if it stops raining
Rain stopped by evening. Found a restaurant. Ate. Went to sleep. Hope everything dries out by tomorrow.