Hoping for sunshine today. Weather report is promising
The unidentified object in the top right corner is the sun!!!
Did we mention Lugano was on a hill
Rode the boat to the funicular, took it to the top of San Somethingorother. Seemed to be an expensive ride but the funicular was packed. There was seating for four in each section and standing room for 4 more. One car had 14 people in it. Glad it was not ours.
Still more steps after the funicular
Church at the top
Views from the roof of the church south - west - east
Mom did walk on these stairs
The sign says it is 3 1/2 hours to Morcote. Let's hope it does not rain
I think the bridge is half way to Morcote
Mountians with snow are better viewed from a distance than walked upon
Nothing stops this lady when she has her walking sticks. The path leads through city and woods
This guy would have been useful on the Fauhorn. He could have carried us up and then provided the evening meal.
Even better . Someone used this helicopter to come to lunch at this out of the way restaurant. I need to find out how these people make there money
The final part o fthe trail was 100's of stone steps down to Morcote.
The trail ended up in a graveyard
The steps continue down through the town
A flat portion without steps
Lunch after a long walk at this restaurant
The church we started at this morning. it is the bump on the top of the peak.
One last boat ride before bed.
I think we leave in the morning. Hope the rain stays away so we can see the mountains from the train