We get up early for our final breakfast We are on time. The train is not. Our train the regional is 10 minutes late. The express train is 20 minutes late. They both started in Italy. We could have jumped on the express and made the next connection. Sadly we did not think of that until it was gone
Oh well it give the sun a chnace to burn away the clouds for better mountain views
Fancy new trains with lots of glass. You can see more but the old trains with the smaller windows that open ae better for pictures and ventilation
The next connection is an old style train with windows that open. Careful that you don't fall out beautiful lady.
This old train takes us to the top of the pass and then through a 10 mile tunnel. There is a option for cars to drive onto flat train cars and ride the train through the mountian while you stay in your car. There is also an option to ride a train over the top of the mountain instead of through the tunnel. We should try it next time
Views at the top. More views
The train and road descending to the valley
Since Diane is a presidents club member we got great rates and upgraded hotel rooms with balconies for both a nice lake view and a big room . I will need to find a new source of income if Diane starts to acquire these kind of tastes.
Our room is on the center of the right half of the building on the top white floor with the wide awning . Dan and Kristin are the 5th and 6th doors to the right that stick out a little bit.
It is nice to be arried to such and important lady
Relaxing boat ride on the top deck in a deck chair.
this would be a nice second home. Or maybe this one a bit farther back from the water
She cannot decide between a sailboat or a catamaran.
Current financial situation makes the choice easy. Nada
Peaceful sunset