Sad day today. Dan is returning to DC.
The good news is that Erika is arriving.
Searching for the best way to the airport
We road the train to the airport with just a few stops. Dan and Kristin with to check in Dan and Mom and I went looking for the bathroom then Erika. Erikas flight arrived at 7:30 it is not about 10:00 so she should have cleared customs and immigration and checked out all the shops. Kristin and Dan found Erika wandering around near the check in. She figured out where Dan was going to check in and waited there and then we road the train back to Geneva
We walked through the old town and went to St Peters square for crepes. the creeps were not as good as last time. They were more artistic. We were the only ones eating. All the locals were down below getting less artistic more filling food. We saw them down below after we had the artsy food. we will know better next time.
the flower clock and the fountain . we take the train back to Montreux and decide to buy a picnic lunch at Migros. The lemon flavored soda was cheaper than water. Makes you wonder. This fountain was outside.
Since we have plastic utensils and Kristins cutting knife back in the hotel room we decide to split up and have the girls go get the utensils while Mom takes pictures of flowers and I carry everything.
The boat we did not take
Flowers and more flowers I think Diane would like to live in something like this She was supposed to be taking pictures of flowers
Wating and resting. the food is heavy. They must have had trouble finding the stuff.
the famous muscat grapes
Diane says the lemon soda tastes like bathroom cleaner smells. Looks like one less person to share the soda with. The labels are in German but we are pretty sure that it is soda.
We finish eating and head back as sunset is nearing
Getting closer
From the balcony
Final burst of deep red
City lights at night
Erika is exhausted. It is time we all hit the hay