Sunrise on the mountains
We had to leave early to catch the 7:45 train so we could get to the cheese factory, the chocolate factory framer market in Bule and back for a boat ride tonight. busy schedule. Will have to keep moving to make it all happen.
The cheese factory was interesting but we were to early to see the cheese poured into the vats for pressing. Turns out we should have stayed the extra hour
Caught the train in time for the chocolate factory. The tour changed sinc the last time we were there. Would not go back again. It is no longer free it is 10 CHF per adult. It has been packaged to to accomodate the bus tours of 30-40 people that come through. Instead of farmers wives that explain how the chocolate is made and where the ingredients come from there are a half dozen young girls dressed alike that take tickets and keep the gift shop shelves stocked. There are a series of rooms that you walk through with recordings and moving exhibits. The tasting room is als a disappointment. The selection is very limited and the samples are not replaced when they are gone. Not at all like before. I cannot really blame the copmnay though. The bus tours were dumping busloads of people off at the factory for 1/2 a day and getting free tours and samples. The bus tours were making money and the chocolate factory was not.
We met a family from India that rode the train 3 hours to get to the chocalate factory. At least we only came 90 minutes. Thay bought allot of chocoalte n the factory gift shop. We bought ours in the factory store near the train station. Our choclate was 10% cheaper than theirs. They returned theirs and rebought it athe factory store. Mom bought cooking cocoa, hot chocalate mix, candy and I bought ice cream since it was on clearance. Kristin and I ate most of the ice cream and I carried all Moms purchases. For the rest of the day. At least i am going home in a few days so I do not need to carry her chocolate all oveer Switzerland again.
Worse effect was the tour was so long we missed our train and now will miss our boat ride
This is the train Mom wanted to ride
I tried to read the boat schedule on the way back to find out if we can get a boat ride for Erika
I find a boat that we can catch if we go to Nyon and race through the town dow nto the dock. No time to stop for food though. Mom stomach is rumbling.
We make it in time and find out I read the schedule wrong. The boat we were racing for ony runs on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
Oh well, the boat dock lady was very nice and showed us another boat leaving in an hour
Kristin and Erka go looking for food for Mom. unanble to find anything suitable so the stomach rumbles on
We get an the boat for a loop to Yviore. Look at the people getting on the boat as it is the last boat of the day. Hope the boat is big enough
The boat took us back to Geneva
We stopped at a Coop for picnic food and had supper on the balcony in bathrobes Mom still did not want any of the lemon soda